Welcome to The Dean Trust.

By September 2017 The Dean Trust will comprise 9 schools and academies in both the primary and secondary sectors. Our aim is to ensure that all of our schools are at least ‘Good’ with an aspiration for all to be ‘Outstanding’. This is what our parents rightly expect.

Mr Tarun Kapur CBE, Chief Executive and Academy Principal

Mr Tarun Kapur CBE, Chief Executive and Academy Principal

The Dean Trust currently operates in four Local Authorities; Manchester, Trafford, Wigan and Knowsley and this provides a rich cultural mix as well as an opportunity to learn from the best in each area.

Supporting our schools and academies is The Dean Trust Teaching School. As a result, our staff remain fully up-to-date with the newest and best methods in teaching for our own children as well as supporting other schools and their staff.

The Trust works with key partners to deliver high quality training encompassing all of the National Professional Qualifications for teachers and leaders.

All of our schools and academies are part of their local community and have a real sense of identity. Notwithstanding this we expect the highest possible standards and we always look to ‘level-up’ to our best school. We want communities to be proud of their local Dean Trust school or academy and we in turn are determined to make it the ‘first choice’ for all families.

The Dean Trust has recognised leaders in the field of education including a National Leader of Education and a large number of Specialist Leaders of Education. This ensures that The Dean Trust always remains a high quality provider of education. The Trust enjoys great support from our sponsors Manchester United and other key partners including UKFast and Lord Derby.

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Tarun Kapur CBE
Chief Executive & Academy Principal
The Dean Trust